Website calls to action

Website calls to action

What is a call to action?

All websites should have a purpose and a call to action helps a website realise that purpose by guiding a user in a certain direction.
Calls to action help:

  • focus your website on your business goals
  • guide website users through your website
  • give you a way to measure website goals

What makes a good call to action?


MailChimp's call to action

In the MailChimp example above the designer has given information about the service before prompting the user to "Sign Up Free". If the button wasn't preceded by text that explained the service people wouldn't know what they were signing up for. People should know what to expect when following a call to action.


The Invoice Machine

Calls to action should include the action you want the user to take such as:

  • register
  • sign up
  • take
  • request
  • buy

It is also a good idea to make a call to action button have persuasive language such as:

  • now
  • limited time
  • free



You want people to notice your call to action buttons so they should stand out on the page. They should be obvious so making them look like buttons make it clear that you want people to click on them. On Basecamp's homepage the primary call to action is right there when the user loads the page, no need to scroll to see where to go next, the call to action button hits you in the face and jumps off the page.


A call to action can be a great way to guide a user through your website to help them achieve their goals and ultimately help the website achieve its goals.

Thanks to Lee Munroe and Paul Boag for the inspiration for this post.

Call to action button gallery


Blogger call to action button


Box call to action button

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor call to action button

Last FM call to action button


Path call to action button


Vault Press call to action button

Cornerstone 2

Cornerstone call to action button


Wufoo call to action button

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